“I would like to extend my gratitude to you and your team for performing a good job on board during the installation of the Turbo generator which is now running smoothly.”

(April 2024 – International Andromeda Shipping, Monaco)

“We like to say thank you for the fast and professional service by Leelloyds.

We wish you a happy new year 2024.”

(December 2023 – CPO Containerschiffreederei (GmbH & Co.) KG, Hamburg)

“I would like to say massive thank you to yourself and everyone at Leelloyds for all your efforts, assistance and hard work over the last 6 weeks. You have made my life much easier and we could never completed this project without Leelloyd’s support. It  has been an absolute pleasure working with you. Thank you very much.”

(October 2023 – Fortescue, WA)

“I would like to thank you for all your help in organizing this busy and critical port stay with many different moving parts. The feedback we received from the vessel team about your team onboard was also very positive. We highly appreciate your support, thank you!”

(July 2023 – Chevron Shipping Co, USA)

“Thank you for your good support at this docking repair.
We really appreciate your good cooperation and couldn’t achieve this project without your support.”

(March 2023 – Eneos Ocean Corporation, Japan)

“Your kind assistance, good coordination and high efficiency for this vessel’s all the repair works which was highly appreciated.”

(February 2023 – Cool Company Management AS, Norway)

“We would like to express again our sincere appreciation to all for your best and kindest support for smooth job complete during docking.”

(December 2022 – Eneos Ocean Shipmanagement Pte Ltd, Singapore)

“Would like to extend my thanks to Keppel for providing “Leelloyds Marine” for supporting the task. Safety was maintained and schedule was controlled with their keen interest in the task.”

(March 2022 – Cryostar, Singapore)

“Would like to once again voice out my gratitude to the team of LEELLOYDS marine in understand the compressor works well and able to expedite the job to my expectations.”

(July 2021 – Cryostar, Singapore)

“Would also like to commend for your support on the compressor works during dry docks. Leelloyds has excellent experienced manpower and by far understood the task well to support within schedule.”

(May 2021 – Cryostar, Singapore)

“I would like to thank you and your Team for a good job.”

(January 2021 – J. Bekkers Co. B.V., Netherlands)

“I would like to thank your team on a great job on board LNG Pioneer.
Your men have the interest on learning and have gone the extra mile to fabricate special tools to assist in the overhaul works with minimum instructions.”

(December 2020 – Cryostar, Singapore)

“It was our pleasure your service provided during repair works at Singapore. Hope to work with you and your team next time.”

(July 2020 – TB Marine Shipmanagement GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg)

“I was really happy to cooperate with your excellent company again, can see you did not dropped your performance and level of service form the time out first cooperation.
Especially pleasure to see that spirit of Hitachi Shipyard still alive.”

(July 2020 – TB Marine Shipmanagement GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg)

“We are really appreciate Leelloyds prompt actions and well organised repair done for our tanker Weichselstern.”

(June 2020 – TB Marine Shipmanagement GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg)

“Thanks to your team for good and professional job which was completed well in time as per earlier plan.”

(May 2020 – International Tanker Management Ltd, Dubai)

“Thank you for your team to complete installation works onboard subject vessel.
Your team has done very good job to complete works onboard Everbright at these difficult times.”

(May 2020 – International Tanker Management Ltd, Dubai)

“Good day & good job from your team support!
Once again, we would like to express our gratitude to your team to make the project completed successfully & in an efficient manner.”

(May 2020 – Aegir Marine Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore)

“Thanks for your assistance and excellent work in completing the jobs in good time.”

(December 2019 – Norbulk Shipping UK Ltd, UK)

“Thanks for your assistance and excellent cooperation of your team.”

(October 2019 – Technomar Shipping Inc, Greece)

“Leelloyds were one of our preferred partner when doing major or problematic engineering jobs also attending at shipyards for ME, DA, T/C and other machinery overhauls.
In my experience, they are one of the better ones in Singapore.
Some of the TS and FM here in Singapore are familiar with Leelloyds and can confirm their ability to do many works as well as give a quality service and assistance.
Quite a job really and well done too Leelloyds trust it all goes well for them.
Mr KC Lee is always ready to assist MTMSM TS or FM if and when requested.”

(September 2019 – MTM Ship Management Pte Ltd, Greece)

“My great thanks for your job and your workers. It was highly professional and best cooperative.”

(September 2019 – Norbulk Shipping UK Ltd, UK)

“Thank you to your personnel who attended the Singapore Voyager last week, again the job was well completed and in good time. Indeed it has been a pleasure to work with you all on this seven vessel project!”

(July 2019 – Gray Page, Oxford)

“Thank you to your personnel who attended the Houston Voyager, the job was completed very well.”

(March 2019 – Gray page, Oxford)

“Thank you very much for your support and looking forward to work with your esteem company in the near future.”

(February 2019 – Aegir Marine Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore)

“Thank you very much for your kindness cooperation and immediate arrangements.”

(August 2018 – JX Ocean Co Ltd, Japan)

“You can read mind and fix things. You told me right away what I need to know before I opened my mouth. That’s great!”

(June 2018 – Chevron Asia Pacific Shipping Pte Ltd, Singapore)

“Thanks for your team’s hard working and professional job performance. Keep it up.”

(September 2017 – Livestock Express Pte Ltd, Singapore)

“The pump has performed very well since your overhaul, which is greatly appreciated.”

(September 2017 – Quadrant Energy Pty Ltd, Australia)

“I was very impressed your company’s good performance and I hope to work with your company again.”

(July 2017 – PT. Arpeni Pratama Ocean Line Tbk, Indonesia)

“Thank you for your arrangement and also kind cooperation for Maersk Cardiff Service work. I really want to appreciate you.”

(December 2016 – Vestas Aircoil Cooling Technology (Suzhou) Co Ltd, Korea)

“Thank you very much for your update and professional cooperation.”

(December 2016 – Vestas Aircoil Cooling Technology (Suzhou) Co Ltd Korea)

“We are very pleased with the work and attitude of team deployed on board. A big thank you to those signing off.”

(December 2016 – Chevron Shipping Co, USA)

“Thank you for the good work your crew did on last attendance.”

(November 2016 – MAN Energy Solutions, Denmark)