Leelloyds Marine Engineering


Leelloyds Marine Engineering Pte Ltd was established in 1991 as a marine repair company. Since then, our core business have expanded to include stocking and functioning as a trading house for marine equipment and spare parts under our sister company Leelloyds Engineering and Trading Pte Ltd established in 1994. Having years of experiences, we have positioned the company as one of Singapore’s leading marine repair and trading company.

With our comprehensive marine repair expertise, Leelloyds Marine Engineering Pte Ltd serves as one-stop company for all your marine needs and we are able to provide professional advice and analysis with regard to problems so as to maximise efficiency and to help customer to cut costs in the long run.

Leelloyds Marine Engineering


Leelloyds Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd specializes in tracing down, classifying, assessing and supplying marine equipment to a wide variety of vessels including VLCC, F.S.O., F.P.S.O., L.N.G.C., L.P.G.C., Oil Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Cargo Liners, Container Ships, etc. We trade all kinds of marine equipment, machinery and spare parts be it new or second-hand models by Original Makers, OEM or Replacement Maker with warranty.

To enhance our services, we have carried out extension and alteration works to our workshop area which was completed in July 2008; the 12,000 sq.ft extension included 2 overhead cranes, of which 1 overhead crane at the rear with double hoists of 10 tonnes and 25 tonnes S.W.L. and a 10 tonnes S.W.L. single hoist crane at the side.

Leelloyds Marine Engineering


Leelloyds operates from a full-fledged workshop on a land area of 45,000 square feet. It houses a 33,000 square feet sheltered and fully equipped workshop cum warehouse complete with 5 overhead cranes of 1 x 25 tonne SWL, 2 x 10 tonne SWL and 2 x 5 Tonne SWL. The workshop is also equipped with fabrication, machining, and workshop testing facilities. Committed to enhancing our services, we carried out extension and alteration works to our workshop area which was completed in July 2008; the 12,000 square feet extension allows us to easily take on projects involving heavy duty and large machinery efficiently.




To be the leading provider of Marine Ship Repair in Singapore.




To provide professional comprehensive solutions through a high standard of technical competency and teamwork.


We strive to enhance customer satisfaction and improve customer retention with the quality services rendered by Leelloyds.

We are committed to empowering our engineers and technicians with appropriate knowledge, skills and experience to maximise efficiency and productivity.

We aim to achieve zero rates of incidents by adhering to strict safety standards and are accredited with the most up to date ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 & BIZSAFE STAR.

Leelloyds Marine Engineering


Our Engineers and Technicians are equipped with appropriate knowledge, skills and experience to provide the most comprehensive and diverse service.

Leelloyds employees work as a cohesive unit to maximise efficiency and productivity.

We will strive to fulfill our customers' requests and meet their expectations to the best of our ability.